Promoting Ecotourism in San Juan 

Hosting national and international tour operators and reporters to increase visibility

A Bird Watching Destination

Co-organization of the IV International Birding Event with participation of 15 international tour operators, 230 birding enthusiasts, and national and international press



Developing Tourism Maps

  • Compilation of information
  • Design of tourist routes
  • Collaboration with tourist businesses and PROSOL



Promoting Santiago Atitlán 

  • Working with seven community groups in Santiago Atitlán to strengthen their organizational structure and improve tourist offerings
  • Associations include painters, sculptors, weavers, boat drivers, and fishermen
  • Benefiting over 3,634 community members


Promoting Lake Atitlán

  • Working with the Commission of Tourism to develop Lake Atitlán as a tourist destination
  • Developing website and image
  • Coordinated the Campana Turistica for Lake Atitlan