Tulle: A Natural Solution for Lake Atitlan 

Our comprehensive approach to working with tulle, an indigenous reed to Lake Atitlan, which provides a natural filter for lake contaminants: 

  • Planting and harvesting tulle
  • Researching flora and fauna within the ecosystem
  • Developing crafts made from tulle to increase income-generating possibilities for the local Maya



Protecting the Tulle Ecosystem

  • Launching an educational campaign to increase awareness about the vulnerable lake ecosystem and water issues, promoting conservation
  • Creating a lake-wide management plan for tulle, working with local committees of tuleros to gain consensus and the Guatemalan government organization, AMSCLAE with authority to adopt and enforce environmental laws



Improving Water Quality 

Coordinating research with prominent scientists from US Davis and Universidad Landivar about the effectiveness of water hyacinth in removing contaminants in Lake Atitlan.



Improving Access to Potable Water

Reconstructed drinking water systems in Santa Cruz  and San Pedro, from mountainous source to pueblo.





Coordinated the training and distribution of 2,330 Eco-filtros to 2,330 families in San Pedro la Laguna.




Improving Infrastructure 

Coordinated the installation of an irrigation system in the impoverished community of Pajomel with Engineers without Borders from the University of Pennsylvania and local community members




Improving Sanitation

Coordinating the installation of 80 latrines in the community of Pajomel with University of Pennsylvanias Engineers without Borders