About Ati't Ala

The name Ati't Ala' is the ancient Tz'utujil name for the lake.  "Ati't" refers to grandmother as well as lake and "Ala'" to youth as well as volcanoes.  Our name thus encapsulates both the natural landscape of Lake Atitlan as well the cycle of life of its inhabitants.  


Our staff has implemented over 50 programs and community development projects in the region of Lake Atitlan from 2001 to date, all focused on economic development and environmental protection of the Lake Atitlan watershed.  Ati't Ala' was established as a Guatemalan NGO in 2009.

Based in San Juan la Laguna, our team has helped create what is recognized as a model community for development work, with exemplary empowerment of the local population, cleanliness and safety.  After the destruction of Hurricane Stan in 2005, our staff helped rebuild the local economy through innovative employment opportunities providing more sustainable alternatives than slash-and-burn agriculture.

Throughout the years, Ati't Ala' has increased its reach to the entire Lake Atitlan watershed with the understanding that a regional perspective is needed to foment the changes in behaviors and public policies needed for lasting change.


Our office in San Juan la Laguna