Ati’t Ala’s work is represented below on a traditional woven mat or “pop” that the ancient Maya used to represent the social fabric. Recognizing that responsible economic development must take into account its environmental impact and that conservation work must assess its effect on the livelihoods of the local population, the pop represents the holistic and interrelated nature of our mission.

To achieve lasting positive change for Lake Atitlan, Ati't Ala' works together with other institutions, both non-governmental and governmental and strengthens local initiatives through capacity building and designing mechanisms for sustainability.  In addition, we strive to effect regional policy and legislation on the basis of our scientific research and consensus-building on a grassroots level.  

Throughout all of our work, we strive to reintegrate ancestral knowledge, such as promoting the use of natural dyes in women's weaving cooperatives, rekindling ancient farming practices such as companion planting, and reforesting with native species including those sacred to the Maya.